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What IS a Servant of Christ?

Discussion in 'Bible Study Forum' started by Ztheberean, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Ztheberean

    Ztheberean New Member

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    What IS a Servant of Christ?We cannot be a servant of Christ unless we are separated unto the gospel by the will of God (Rom 1:1); wherein God separates us from people (2Cor 6:17), because He promises to help us cleanse ourselves from ALL filthiness of our flesh and spirit, in the fear of God, so that He can perfect holiness (understanding see Prov 9:10) in us (2Cor 7:1).In the fear of the Lord, we are given hatred towards evil in all of its pride, which believes we can come to God in “our own” way, will, and work (Prov 8:13-14). We cannot be a servant of Christ unless we are one of God’s elect, who have the faith that can acknowledge the truth that is after godliness (Titus 1:1).We can acknowledge the truth PROVIDING God grants us repentance through the instruction of a patient teacher so that we could be recovered from the captivity of the devil’s will (2Tim 2:25-24, 26). And all of this is by the grace of God working (Gal 1:15).Ignorant believers are without THIS knowledge (Rom 1:11) for these came to faith by a “perverted” gospel because it was without grace (God’s work that needs to be done upon us) (Gal 1:6); Therefore these ignorant ones (who are not servants of Christ) believe that “they” can bring Christ into themselves, when the scriptures say THIS is impossible! (Rom 10:6-7).Servants of Christ understand the need for GOD to create Christ in them without their work or boasting (that we can bring Christ into us) because God at work IS His “gift” to His children. This is why it is said that we are saved by GRACE through the faith that believes this work is NOT of us, but of God (Eph 2:10-8).Servants of Christ who WERE the servants of sin, have obedience from their heart because they were taught THIS doctrine (Rom 6:17); Which doctrine of God is the grace of God that brings salvation because it teaches us HOW to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts under God’s sobering controlling influence so that we can live righteous and godly presently (Ts 2:10-12).Its all about what kind of servant you are subjecting yourself to, whether you can have obedience unto righteousness, OR sin unto DEATH (Rom 6:16), Rather ASK God to help you subject yourself to a servant of Christ who is righteous, so that you can become holy (have this understanding see Prov 9:10) because servants of Christ ARE made free from sin within this fruitful understanding unto eternal life (Rom 6:22).Have you experienced the good (gracious) word of God? (Heb 6:5) If so, then you have been enlightened in the heavenly gift of the doctrine of Christ which has a foundation laid upon repentance from “our works” which are DEAD, for true faith towards God so that we could have His permission to go on unto perfection (Heb 6:4, 1 and 3), And it is God who lays THIS foundation (Heb 1:10). Judge yourself, so that you won’t be judged by God when it is too late. CAN YOU PROVE THAT YOU’RE A SERVANT OF CHRIST? (2Cor 13:5).
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    “That one main end of the Word of God, and preaching, is to discover this deceitful heart. It’s to make us know ourselves; compared therefore to a glass, that will show a deformed man all his unloveliness, and this is a glass, not to the face but the heart; all those hidden and unknown lusts may there be brought to light. And the Ministry that is compared to light; as the sunbeams discover those many thousands of motes in the air, which the darkness concealed; thus the Ministry, in a powerful and soul-saving way dispensed, will make thee see thyself to be that beast, that devil, yea to have that dunghill, that hell in thy heart, thou didst not perceive: look then for this benefit by preaching, not what may fit thy ear, may please thy fancy, but what may discover the dark corners of thy soul, what may bring glorious light into thy breast; that thou mayest cry out; O Lord, how long have I lived and did not know myself! I thought all was well, everything was in quiet; but now I am like the Syrian army, that being by the Prophet stricken blind, and thought they were guided to their own camp, as soon as ever they had their eyes opened, they found themselves in the midst of the enemy’s camp: Thus thy eyes being opened, thou seest thyself to be in the power of all thy sins, all thy enemies and the curses of God.” - Anthony Burgess [d. 1664] Spiritual Refining, Part II: A Treatise of Sin, pp. 19-20