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  1. Behold

    The Unpardonable Sin

    Ive posted a Thread on this before, early in '2021. Thought i would again post a short teaching ....as i was just helping someone with this on another forum...as this topic is always worrying believers and confusing them, as well. - - Let me show you something interesting.... There are 2 main...
  2. Behold

    When dealing with this Cult..

    - When you are dealing with a "predestined elect" heretic....the thing you have to realize is that they are theologically confused as well as deeply deceived. So, that is the worst case scenario. For example, a believer can be "fallen from Grace" , as Paul explains in Galatians.......and that...
  3. Behold

    What is the : "preaching of the Cross"

    - The Apostle Paul wrote. " Christ sent me not to water baptize, but to Preach the Gospel". So, "the Gospel" is..."the preaching of the Cross". The NT says..>>"its pleased God by the foolishness of preaching , to save them that "BELIEVE".... To "be saved" is to be "made righteous"= which is...
  4. Behold

    Jesus is Salvation

    - Salvation is Christ on the Cross. When this is applied to you, this finished work of God as Christ on the Cross, then you have received the "gift of righteousness", which is "the Gift of Salvation". This is GOD, as Christ, literally dying for your sin on the Cross. This is already...
  5. Behold

    Victory over repentance

    - Regarding the confessing and repenting failed discipleship situation... Its better to exist in this situation..... "Christ always gives me the Victory"... Paul says. so, its better to live in that TRUTH.....then in some sort of confused daily repentance carnal spiritually darkened mindset...
  6. Behold

    Never again "apart".

    If you have time. See this update. Thank you. - Apart from Me : The Solution
  7. Rapture and End Times

    Good News for 2022: Our Universe and Our Fate

    People have always looked up to the night sky with questions. Some of these questions are relatively new, due to our recent, clearer scientific understanding of the way things work. But, the Holy Bible has the best answers! Good News for 2022: Our Universe and Our Fate
  8. Rapture and End Times

    It’s a Wonderful Life: 3 Stories of Faith and Hope

    It's a Wonderful Life is the perfect Christmas story, and is considered one of the greatest films of all time. The Holy Bible is full of inspirational stories about overcoming through faith and hope. The point of these stories is that we all matter. It’s a Wonderful Life: 3 Stories of Faith and...
  9. Rapture and End Times

    Eternal Journey: the Beginning of the Endless

    A journey is a common metaphor for life. Israel's history is an example of a very rough journey. Few of us are in Israel’s position today, but their journeys in the Bible serve as good examples to us. https://raptureandendtimes.com/2021/10/23/eternal-journey-the-beginning-of-the-endless/
  10. MatthewG

    Where do people go when they die?

    “Jesus answered him, ‘I spake freely to the world, I did always teach in a synagogue, and in the temple, where the Jews do always come together; and in secret I spake nothing; why me dost thou question? question those having heard what I spake to them; lo, these have known what I said.’ And he...
  11. Rapture and End Times

    Countdown to Eternity: Heaven or Hell?

    All indications are that we are approaching the final countdown. Whether you believe that or not, the real death rate is one per person, meaning that each person’s death is a matter of when, not if. What is our ultimate fate? Countdown to Eternity: Heaven or Hell?
  12. Rapture and End Times

    Rapture 2021: Shelter from the Storm

    There are many types of storms effecting us now: political, environmental, and economical. Are things really that bad? All you have to do is look out your window. We are living on a dying planet. Where is the shelter for Christians in these storms? Rapture 2021: Shelter from the Storm
  13. Behold

    Salvation = God's Blood.

    Lets look at Salvation. Salvation is to BE saved. Salvation is to be "One with God and Christ", joined spiritually. The proof you are, is not your water baptism or your church membership. But rather its to become "ONE with God, and Christ'. Salvation, is to exits IN God and God in you...
  14. Behold

    What is : Full Stature

    What is "Full Stature", as the NT and Paul, define it? Its this. ... "Sanctification".....entire. Now, the born again, are sanctified. WE are become this, exactly as we are "The righteousness of God, in Christ". When God makes you righteous, by giving you "the gift of Righteousness" that is...
  15. Behold

    The Devil's work

    - What heretic's call "easy believism" is the devil's invention. Understand.....its the devil who is the author of self righteousness and self saving theology, or "a false gospel". Its the devil who blinds the mind and creates an alternative to Grace = as "logical". Heretics read the bible...
  16. Behold

    Putting on the right Mind

    Putting on the New Man -is putting on the right Mind. "And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him"" 1.) """""put off the old man and his deeds.""""" This is the flesh, the deeds are carnal, and you commit them with your body that is...
  17. Behold

    Thursday, May 6 National Day of Prayer 2021 in United States

    Pray that Jesus will come back soon. Pray for America, as she is in deep deep trouble. Pray that more Holy laborers who understand God's Grace will go to Forums and Church's and bring God's redeemed back to the Cross, back to Right Believing, and back to God's Peace. Amen.
  18. Behold

    Unrighteous made Righteous.

    "under the law" : shows you that you are a sinner, with no Righteousness. "Under Grace" : provides you with God's Righteousness as..>"The Gift of Righteousness". Reader.....Here is the paradox. Here is the "head rush" and the theological melt down that most Christians have.., and never get...
  19. Behold

    Been and Being.

    Saint, Salvation is something God provides. Its not something that you provide God. Salvation is the BLOOD OF JESUS. Salvation is JESUS, Himself Jesus is Salvation. Jesus is Eternal life. Do you have Jesus in you? Then you have God's Salvation. So, when you read in the NT that "Salvation is a...
  20. Behold

    Put on the New Man

    Thanks to Marks for the inspiration for this little "how to". - Believers generally look at "putting on the new man", from the wrong end of the telescope. So, put on the "new man"..... How ????? WHAT?? Well, is the new man the born again Spirit? It is only if the Spirit is an actual man...