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Apr 11, 2020
Netanya or Pensacola

To NOT understand God's Salvation, is to think of it like this..

= God started it,.... but now its all on me to do the rest, till i die. (and i hope i make it into heaven).

See that?
See that, "its ON ME now"....>"its MY RESPONSIBILITY Now"...'Its something i have to do for myself now"..
Well, reader, if God's salvation is started by the Cross but finished by you, then how can that be : "the GIFT of Salvation"?
How is you trying to stay saved, God's GIFT to you through the Cross of Christ?
If God's Salvation is God starting it and you completing it, then how did God already make you Eternally Righteous by the blood of Jesus?

So,..... exactly what has happened..... to the person who is a believer, but is now up on the Cross trying to keep yourself saved.?

Paul says you are 'fallen from Grace', and "in the flesh"
And im talking to you if you believe you can lose your Salvation.
So, What has happened to a believer who no longer believes that Jesus is Salvation, and that God keeps you saved through Christ?
Listen....if you are In God's Grace, if you are born again, and not just water baptized.... but you dont SEE Christ on the Cross as the only reason you STAY saved.. then this means that You do not SEE God's Grace, which is the Blood of Jesus, as WHY you stay saved.
You dont have this revelation, and it can be that you had it once, but lost it., and if that is you, then you are "fallen from Grace"
You are not fallen from Salvation.. you are become "faith broken", so that your faith in Christ has become subverted so that you are now trying to keep yourself saved.

What is that?
Your 'spiritual eyes" are darkened, which is to REASON against the Grace of God, by using your own self righteousness against the Cross.
"Self righteousness" is trying to make SELF ... .right with God by SELF effort = ...>"im doing this now to try to stay saved".
= Faith in Christ is gone.

You WILL understand that God saved you, but you lost REAL FAITH in Christ, or never really understood that staying saved, is not of you., at all.
You are currently trusting in Water Baptism, or Commandment keeping, or Law keeping or confessing sin..
That is YOU replacing God's Grace, to try to earn Salvation, and keep it.


Salvation is what Christ did for the WORLD, .. John 3:16, 2000 yrs ago, on THE Cross.
You can't do that for yourself.
JESUS completed and that is why He said from The Cross, before He died for your sin.......>"it is FINISHED".

What is Finished? ????

1.) The FREE OFFER of Completed Spiritual reconciliation back to God, for eternity, is what Christ said He has FINISHED for you, 2000 Yrs ago.

This is the "IT" in "It is FINISHED", that Jesus proclaimed from the Cross, before He died for all your sin.
Salvation : is Christ on the Cross bringing you the offer of ETERNAL RECONCILIATION back to God, based on HIS BLOOD being shed and his Death that followed, as the only REASON.
John 14:6 .

So, when a believer can't SEE THIS, then they are fallen into a mind that is deceived.
= "In the flesh" "fallen from Grace". "broken faith".
And this mind, is not able to SEE that FINISHED Salvation that is what GOD DID on the Cross.
The deceived instead SEE Salvation as...> """" I must do this, and i must do that, and i must keep this, and i must not do that, and if i complete all my LIST of Do's and Don'ts..,,, then, im able to KEEP MYSELF SAVED, i hope.""""
So, that issue, is a broken faith problem, (not a Salvation issue).. whereby you now trust in what you do or dont do,.... to try to get yourself into heaven.

This is spiritual blindness. This is LEGALISM. This is Self Saving. That is faith in SELF, instead of Faith in CHRIST.
Paul calls this being "in the flesh",.... because this same type thinking is what an unbeliever thinks, also.
Listen, if you were Good enough, then why did Christ have to die for your sins?
See.....That is the mind of the flesh, that is putting yourself is a deceived competition against the Cross as if you can by doing anything, EQUAL God's Blood and Christ's Death.
You'll never equal Christ's Blood and Death, with your self effort or your confessing sin, or your water baptism.... or your trying to "be like Christ".

Now, look at Romans 12:1.
Paul tells you to : "present your body as a living sacrifice".
So, that is your discipleship. That is not your Salvation , as CHRIST BODY presented to GOD for your SIN, is your Eternal Salvation.
See it?
Discipleship is all the doing of the good deeds and works, because you HAVE Salvation,.. and never to try to win it, or keep it., or maintain it.
And Paul is very careful to DEFINE what this is....He says...>"Its your reasonable SERVICE", ... its not your Eternal Salvation.
See that?

What is your Salvation?
Salvation is God 's Blood, God's mercy, and God's eternal life, all given to you, as "the Gift of Salvation"= to make you RIGHTEOUS., so that you forever become.. "THE... Righteousness Of GOD... In Christ".
Salvation, is to be as Righteous as God, or "made Righteous".
Its to be born again and become "the righteousness of GOD. IN CHRIST".
Reader.....Only God can do that for you., and He has, if you are born again.

Let me rest your mind......one or some of you, who are battling this deception that is..."i can lose my salvation". or "I think i might have"....

Listen Saint....
God has you, because the Blood of Jesus, will never ever let you go.
You are God's., if you are born again.....You belong to God, and He will never let you go., and that is why Jesus tells you that "you shall never Perish".
This is why Philippians 1:6 tells the born again that God Himself is FAITHFUL to complete your Salvation.
God's Son shed His blood and died on the CROSS to bring you into His Eternal Family,... will never let you go once it is applied to you.
The NT refers to this as being "Blood Bought".
And it is applied to you, the moment you believe in Jesus and give God your faith.
You've done this?
Then You are going to Heaven as surely as Jesus died on the Cross to make certain you do.
You have not done this yet? Then you are not going to Heaven, until you do.

Here is the reality about the Cross...
On our behalf....God Himself took full responsibility for the Fall of Adam.
He came down here, as Christ, born of a Virgin, to die for the sin of the world so that this fall of Adam, that is the fall of us all.... could be pardoned, redeemed and reconciled.
God takes full responsibility for your Salvation, for eternity.
Philippians 1:6.
This verse says..."God, who began salvation in all the born again, will HIMSELF be FAITHFUL to....Complete it."
See that?
That is God's Grace. = God's Mercy and Grace is to offer Himself, His own blood as Christ dying on the Cross to save you, and complete your salvation.
You dont have to worry about it, if you are born again.
Your SALVATION< is God's Responsibility, and He will get you to heaven, if you are born again.
In fact, you are already there, if you are born again..>>"Seated in Heavenly Places, in Christ".

Even your FAITH, is controlled and completed by God.. after He has it.
Hebrews 12:2 says. "looking unto JESUS,......the......AUTHOR and FINISHER of our FAITH".
See that? Even our FAITH is completed by God.
Salvation is FOOL proof and thank God for that, as every one of us would have ruined our salvation, had God designed it to be our responsibility.

God's GRaCE... allows us to rest in God's LOVE and Forgiveness, = which is God's SALVATION.... because He has your salvation as HIS responsibility.
So, Reader.....REST in this knowledge, Rest in this Grace of God, and find your power to live Holy, in this REST from SELF.
See that Real Faith? Until you have it, you will not have a perfected discipleship or real trust in Christ that is a daily empowerment that delivers from SELF.

What is your responsibility?
Its "to present your LIFE as a living sacrifice, which is your reasonable SERVICE".
You are to serve, because GOD has SAVED You ALREADY, and never do you offer this service as performance to try to keep yourself saved., as that is LEGALISM, which offends the Grace of God.
Thats the "mind of the FLESH" that believes that way.

Saint... the righteousness of God....Is Jesus.
If you have Him in you, then you have God's Righteousness, as your eternal life., and you know it because "Christ IN YOU, the hope of Glory", (Glory is Heaven).
Salvation is not a matter of doing....its a matter of having what God has ETERNALLY provided to you.
This is JESUS.
Do you have Him in you? Then you are born again, and you HAVE Eternal Salvation. Jesus is IN YOU, forever, and you are "in Christ" and "One with God" for eternity. Jesus will never leave you. That's His promise, and His promises are eternal.