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Apr 11, 2020
Netanya or Pensacola

New Testament Holiness, is to have become "made righteous".

God says, "be holy as I AM Holy".. so we see that this can't be done by US, as God's Holiness is God's.

So, for us to walk in that Light, we have to be "translated from Darkness TO Light"..

And for that to happen, we have to be Born again..

So, True Holiness, is God's Righteousness...
And this is given to the believer, as "the Gift of Righteousness".

Now here is a mystery..

Once you are born again, you become "the righteousness of God, IN Christ".
This means you start as "made righteous", the very instant you were born again.
You can't ever become more righteous, then you were made to be by God, the instant you BELIEVED in Christ and God gave you the new Birth...= Born again.


You FIRST came to Jesus that day, that morning, that Sunday Service with a Life time of sin on you.. and When you took Christ by Faith, BELIEVING.....God took that precious precious Blood of JESUS and washed your SIN so that it became white as Snow...

"what can wash away my sin............Nothing but the BLOOD OF JESUS""

And God did this for you, the INSTANT you gave God your faith in Christ.
Do you remember when you did that ???
Do you remember the very instant that God saved you?

What does that mean?
'It means that "God hath made Jesus to be sin for us".... and you have been made RIGHTEOUS, as if you never sinned.

And that is how you START your Christian WALK.......Day 1.

And now you go out, in that "Imputed Righteousness"" , and learn how to exist in this revelation knowledge regarding who you have become "in Christ".

That is the "renewing of your mind"...

And every day, you have to put on that "" Helmet of Salvation""..... that MIND OF UNDERSTANDING and Revelation.... so that every single day, you only see yourself as God sees you...

Like this.....>"i have become the Righteousness of God, in Christ"

"i am become the Righteousness of God, in Christ"
"i am the Righteousness of God, in Christ"

See that MIND?
That is God's perspective of you if you are born again, and once you keep that mind all the time, . you are walking in the Spirit, and not according to the mind of the Flesh.
And when you understand to do this, always, then you have "worked out your salvation".

See...... "to Put on Christ" is to put on the "Helmet of Salvation",.. Its to put on the MIND that is this.. = "I am become the righteousness of God in Christ".


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Apr 5, 2009
Hamilton, New Zealand
New Zealand
What does that mean?
'It means that "God hath made Jesus to be sin for us".... and you have been made RIGHTEOUS, as if you never sinned.
The Holy Spirit never leads anyone into sin, and God doesn't tempt anyone to sin, but Christians still sin.