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The Last Two Witnesses By Paul Macdonald

Discussion in 'Eschatology & Prophecy Forum' started by Elijah returns, Dec 19, 2009.

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    Last Two Witnesses of Jehovah
    The Wild Beast


    Paul MacDonald
    [email protected]

    Peoples Republic of China

    What we see and experience now with regards the state of our world may very well be described by many as being in the end times, but not according to God’s word the Bible. But, in all reality, these are just the very beginning of the pangs of distress, for the end time is still future, a time which is still for an appointed time.

    The present World Ruler-ship as dominated by the American and Britain are soon to come to their end, but out of the ashes of their demise will arise the last and final one world ruler that will rule with absolute supremacy, abject cruelty and terror. The last king, who is the 8th that arises out of the vestiges of the previous seven, and he rises with Babylon on his back, and this last King appears scarlet in colour. There will be religious elements to this King and his kingdom, and he will be served, as Revelation says, by a false prophet that will force all of mankind to fall down and worship him, it will even perform many signs so as to deceive and mislead many, even the holy ones of Jehovah, but to their own destruction (Revelation 13:3b 17:3,11-13 13:15-18).

    The Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary defines red as: “inciting or endorsing radical, social, and or political change, especially by use of force”.

    But, well before this king makes his appearance, the last two prophets of God will come, and they will preach a new message, one that is sweet, but yet will have very bitter consequence.(Revelation 10:8-11 11:3-6). These prophets will be like Elijah and Moses, even possessing their powers. The power to close heavens to rainfall, turn rivers to blood, and we know that Elijah even raised the dead. The power to do whatever it is they wish, and by means of this, they will lead many back to God before the fear inspiring day of that one begins. Whatever they decide to tie up in heaven, and loose on the earth will be granted (Matthew 18:18 John 20:23 Acts 13:11-12). They will preach for 42 months before being executed by the last and final King that is yet to appear on the world’s political stage, and it will be as Christ himself had said, “it will be a time of tribulation and persecution that has never seen before, nor would be seen again” (Matt 24:15-16, 21-22 Daniel 12:1). The events yet to come are unimaginable, but as the bible itself says, those days will be cut short on account of the holy ones, the remnant, and will conclude on Christ's arrival to judge all things and to execute the judgements of God (Mark 13:20 Matthew 24:30 Revelation 11:15).

    From the appearance of the last two prophets until the conclusion of all things, it will be 7 years.

    Recently, the political leaders gathered in Switzerland to debate the world’s ever declining economical situation. They openly declared, and were united in thought, in that the answer to the current economic situation on the earth would be for the introduction of a One World Bank, as well as a one world currency which would be governed by the now “ageing”, “ailing” and “failing” UN. But, the question that begs to be asked is this, “when this last and final King has supreme control, (as we will see), who then will really be able to buy and sell”? (Revelation 13:15-18). The forum also called for a reconstruction of the “ailing” and “failing” UN to make it a more effective facet of World Governance under the banner of a new “International League of Nations"(compare Daniel 7:25, 12:11).

    So, I write concerning a number of very crucial points, so crucial, as these will indeed affect Gods people, his holy ones, and indeed the whole of mankind living on this planet at this time, “the generation that is living now”.

    We certainly do live in very drastic times, times which are becoming ever more difficult to deal with, and they will become even more drastic as time goes on, until “the time of end” finally, like a thief, arrives upon us, and the present system we now live under, as governed by Britain and America, collapses and the last world king rises to supreme power (Revelation 16:15 I Thessalonians 5:2 Matt 24:6).
    But let us look at these events in more detail which we are yet to witness, events which will concur that the conclusion of all things have indeed drawn very near.

    The arrival of the last two witnesses of Jehovah
    So, on, or before the time of the end begins, we will see the appearance of the last two witnesses of Jehovah that stand before him (Revelation 10:8-11 11:3-7 Matthew 24:14 Acts 1:8 Zechariah 4:14). This occurs during the time of opening of the first of 6 seals when Christ goes forward to wage war amidst his enemies. These men will appear and preach the good news of Gods kingdom and will do so until their mission on earth has been completed. These men will be like Elijah and Moses, even having their powers so as to prove their divine mission and authority, closing heavens to rain, turning rivers to blood...and much more. This mission will last for 3.5 years or 42 months. The Beast will hate these 2 men and even kill them, the Beast, the Nations will rejoice over it, and they will cast their bodies on the broad-ways for all to see, maybe even as a threat to those that dare defy the might of the wild beast (Revelation 11:3, 7-10 Revelation 13:4b). But these two men will rise again after 3.5 days, or years if it is taken literally about day for a year rule as given by Jehovah to Ezekiel. And at that time, when they appear again, all will be in fear of these two, and will fall faint out of fear for what is about to come upon mankind, for these two, will be taken up in a cloud to the bosom position of Jehovah to watch the fate fall upon their enemies. The 7th Trumpet sounds and the Kingdom becomes Jehovah’s and his Christ’s. This will be a one off, once seen event that will be seen only this time, and never seen again. The Wild Beasts reign will be one filled with abject terror. (Rev 11:11 Ezekiel 37:3, 10 Rev 11:2 13:5 Daniel 7:21, 24-26, 12:11a Luke 21:20-*24* Matt 24:15 Mark 133:14 Revelation 12:12 Daniel 12:1)).

    The Set up of the Wild Beast

    The Wild Beast, or disgusting thing that causes desolation will be set up on, or just prior to the collapse of this present system of things as dominated by Britain and America.

    “When will this be, what will be the sign” ?, Daniel is very accurate in his prophecies and we can see that from the prophecy regarding the 70 weeks of years, and he uses virtually the same terms of reference to point out what we should look for when this period of the end is most likely to begin. The book of Daniel, like Ezekiel and Revelation, were books written for the “end time”, and the word “finally” used in (Daniel 7:23), literally means, ”Finally”, “At Last”, “At a point in time when there is just no more” (Langenscheidt Hebrew-German).

    When will these things be? Well Daniel goes on to mention “a time” in which a little horn would rise, that would be larger than all its contemporaries, speak swelling things, and would even humiliate 3 kings, “and then” go on to war against God, his holy ones, and even the Prince of Princes himself”, only to be destroyed himself at the end of the given period of time for him to reign (Daniel 7:8, 20-21, 24-26).

    The Watchtower has long since maintained this to be Great Britain, and that Britain humiliated 3 kings centuries ago. But if so, if that is to be held true, then why didn’t Britain rule all the earth? Certainly, the sun never set on its empire, but it has never ruled the world either, and when has Britain ever waged war against God and his holy ones, even the Prince of Princes, only to be destroyed itself? And if it did happen, the there leaves very little to be fulfilled, and little hope or salvation for anyone, but as it is, this prophecy, was written for the end time, a time which is still very future, but near (Daniel 12:4, 9, 8:17, 19).

    Rome is the 4th Beast of Daniels prophecy. The Bible accounts in Daniel and Revelation tell us that it has 10 horns, or 10 kings that will arise from it, until the very last horn would arrive, that would not only would humiliate 3 kings, but it would speak swelling things, make itself out to be a god, claiming to do what only the true and Almighty God can do. How blasphemous, no wonder Jehovah will go to war with this disgusting thing of Satan (Mark 13:14 Ezekiel 28:1-3 Isaiah 14:12-14 Psalms 2:3 Revelation 16:3-4)

    There have been a succession of Kings since the time of Rome, but these Kings have had no Kingdom, and no real “One World Empire” has ruled since the time of Rome, and the horns, or Kings succeeding, or come out of Rome, well, these Kings do rule, and govern, but for a short time only, until this last little horn would arrive, a horn that would be bigger than all its contemporaries, trampling the all earth and devouring it, it itself being the 8th and final King, that springs from the previous 7.

    Its rule will be one of cruelty, and many, including some of Gods people, and indeed his Holy ones will fall and perish as a result of not having this last Kings mark (Daniel 7:23-24 Rev 17:11-13 Rev 11.2 13:5, 15-18 Daniel 12:11 Daniel 3:6).

    Jesus himself said, that when we catch sight of this thing standing in a place it ought not to be, then we should flee as it would mark a period of persecution and death right down until the “Times of the Nations” being directed by Satan have come to their completion, and Luke is the only book in the Bible with this term of reference (Matt 24.15, Mark 13:14 Luke 21:24).
    “But, when will these things be”? What will be the signs? Daniel tells us quite clearly, “<From time onward of removal of constant feature, and set up of disgusting thing>”; there will be a period of 1290 days. These beginning some 30 days before the mission of the last two witnesses of Jehovah ends.

    From time onward of an attack on Gods people, a direct onslaught, a time whereby freedom to worship God will be forbidden. An attack that would continue until the trampling of the people has been completed, or reign of the Wild Beast has come to its conclusion, 1290 days later, those days in Revelation and Daniel say 42 months also, or 3.5 years, or a Time, Times and half a Time whichever way one wants to put it.
    So, it will begin with a “specific action” at a “specific point” in time in the near future, just as the beginning of the 70 weeks of years began with “Going forth of word to restore and rebuild walls of Jerusalem ...until Messiah the leader would arrive”. Exactly When, we cannot be certain, but the kings of the earth have but one idea in mind, and it is to give this Beast and last King power to rule supremely, and woe to those that don’t buckle down to the will of this king that is yet to appear. And from that point of appointment it will be 1260 days until the conclusion of all things. All we have and can go on are the signs of these things.
    And it will begin with the demise of the present world powers as dominated by America and Britain, and this demise coincides also with the downfall of Satan from heaven. Satan, the symbolic King of Tyre, and his Kingdom on the earth comes to their end. This period of rule of Satan and his Wild Beast will be for 42 months only. Satan’s “short time” on earth for which he will very soon be thrown down for, will be of the same duration as that of the Wild Beast, and when Satan does comes down, he does so in great rage, as he knows he will be thrown into his abyss during the 1000 year reign of Christ. And since 1914 it has hardly been a short time. His time will be, the same as that of the Beast, 42 months only. And after these 42 months it won’t be business as usual, but he will be Abyssed, and he knows that his Wild Beast and the false prophet will be destroyed, for that is why he goes off in a great rage to look for the remainder of the holy ones of Jehovah, and some of these will even turn away from Jehovah (Revelation 12:1-12 6:12-17 Daniel 12:11a 7:25 Revelation 13:5 20:1-3)

    The death of the two witnesses will mark Satan’s demise and expulsion from heaven, and will mark the beginning of the Wild Beasts rule on earth and will conclude 1260 days later (30 days removal of formal worship of Jehovah + 1260 days of Satan and the Wild Beast = 1290 days (Daniel 12:11a 7:25-26, Revelation 13:5)).

    From the 7th seal to the1st Trumpet there is a period in which there is silence for ½ an hour, then fire is poured out from the very altar of Jehovah itself upon the earth and then the destruction begins by the blowing of the 7 trumpets which bring their respective plagues with them upon those that have received the mark of this last king. So, it seems that there will be a period of false peace and security for 21 months before the concluding days of this last king begins and day of Jehovah actually begins, destruction occurs, right down until the 7th trumpet blows and Armageddon arrives.